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Smart Meter Cover

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We recommend the SaticShield EMF Test Kit for residential homes and businesses. The purpose of the test kit is to assess the level of dirty electricity and wiring in your home or office. 


The SaticShield EMF Test Kit includes:

-EMI Meter ($189 Value)

-Pure Power Plug-In ($209 Value)

-Satic Outlet Tester ($29 Value)

-Satic Clipboard & LED Pen ($7 Value)

-Satic Pulse LED & Adapter ($14 Value)

-Satic Test Kit Tool Bag ($25 Value)

The ‘EMI Meter’ will help to assess the current level of dirty electricity while the ‘Outlet Tester’ will detect potential wiring issues. 

The Pure Power plug-in unit will measure the potential for EMF mitigation. 

The SaticPulse LED bulb and test socket are also included to compare your current lighting to Satic’s.


Complete instructions on the clipboard include:

EMI Meter Readings Recording Sheet

Pure Power & Power Perfect Demo FAQ’s

Pure Power & Power Perfect Product FAQ’s

Pure Power Plug-In versus Power Perfect Box comparison


The meters and recording sheets are included to help you:

1. Identify the quality of the power you are presently purchasing.

2. Identify electrical or wiring issues.

3. Identify dirty electricity causing culprits.

4. How the product actively filters, cleans and regulates the power.

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