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SYB Bed Canopy Test Results

The SYB Bed Canopy is made with a very powerful shielding fabric provides shielding effectiveness of between 20 and 37.5 dB tested between 15MHz to 26GHz– this includes 5G frequencies.

This test was performed on June 3, 2020 per the GJB 5792-2006 standard for measuring methods for shielding effectiveness of planar electromagnetic shielding materials. The test was performed with an 8563EC Spectrum Analyzer and a ZN1170E Signal Generator.

The results are reported in decibels (dB). EMF attenuation and shielding tests often report results in decibels. We have a post explaining decibels, but these results indicate over 99% shielding effectiveness at all tested frequencies.


Frequency Shielding Effectiveness (dB) Shielding Effectiveness (%)
15 MHz 20.8 99.1682%
30 MHz 37.5 99.9822%
100 MHz 37 99.98%
450 MHz 36.9 99.9796%
950 MHz 35.7 99.9731%
1500 MHz 36.4 99.9771%
3 GHz 34.1 99.9611%
6 GHz 30.2 99.9045%
10 GHz 25.7 99.7308%
18 GHz 24.2 99.6198%
26 GHz 21.6 99.3082%
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