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Smart Meter Cover Install Instructions


The Smart Meter Cover is placed over the glass/clear portion of the smart meter and secures to the base of the smart meter. We include a nut and bolt to tighten the Smart Meter Cover if necessary. Most Smart Meter Covers do not require any additional tightening. As a reminder, PLEASE DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE GLASS PORTION OF THE SMART METER!

Typical installation:
Place smart meter cover over the glass/clear portion of the smart meter. You're done!



Installation for a smaller smart meter:

Enclosed with your order are two different sizes of  high density neoprene, waterproof foam tape, and a nut/bolt. If the smart meter cover is too large for your meter, you can secure the foam tape to the inside of the cover to ensure a better fit.

Simply peel off the paper on the high density neoprene foam tape and press it onto the INSIDE of the smart meter cover.  DO NOT STICK THE NEOPRENE TAPE TO THE SMART METER.


We have included two layers of high density neoprene foam tape in every order to account for varying diameters of smart meters across the US and Canada. We suggest starting with the thicker tape first, then testing the fit. If required add the second layer.  This should be enough to create a snug fit for a 5-inch diameter smart meter. You can also use the nut and bolt to further secure if needed. Over-tightening is not necessary. 

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