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About Us

Located in Arizona, USA, Smart Meter Covers was started in 2018 to give people concerned about microwave RF emitted from smart meters, an economical solution to the problem. As parents, we have growing concern about the proliferation of EMF in our home, school and work spaces.

We believe in reducing regular EMF exposure as part of living a healthy, optimal lifestyle. We implement many other EMF reducing practices such as:
  • Putting cell phone on airplane mode when not in use 
  • Using air tube headset or speakerphone when using cell phone (not putting right next to head)
  • Using wired cable instead of WiFi in the home 
  • Foregoing the use of microwave ovens
  • Measuring our home and work spaces with EMF meters
  • Using corded landline phones instead of cordless phones
  • Sleeping in rooms either painted with shielded paint or inside shielded bed canopy
  • Foregoing the use of other so called "smart" devices
Utility companies often offer little to no options for smart meter radiation. So our aim is to offer a simple solution. However to us, a smart meter cover is just one small part of an overall strategy to reduce RF exposure.  Vitality Neutraceuticals, Inc  is located and does business out of Arizona. Snail mail correspondence can be directed to:
Vitality Neutraceuticals, Inc, 
14795 N 78th Way #300
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
For more information contact us at info@smartmetercovers.com or use the "Send Us An Email" form below. 
*A portion of every purchase goes to charities who either 1) help children with severe illness and/or 2) work to create a healthier future for our children.

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