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The Dangers of Wireless Radiation and How to Protect Yourself

This article from the Epoch Times has some very good information in it. Protecting yourself from RF radiation is becoming increasingly more important and goes well beyond smart meters and smart meter guard devices. 

We agree with this advice on sleep and better sleep is the most common piece of feedback we receive after people install a smart meter cover. 

"Mr. Sullivan: The first thing is to clear out devices close to you in your sleep environment. These exposures undermine sleep, and they undermine your melatonin production and your depth of sleep.

It’s very common right now for people to use their cellphone as their alarm clock and they’re charging it and having it right next to them all night.

Some people are even using fitness trackers that have a constant wireless exposure, like a Fitbit, to track their sleep. We also tell people to turn off their Wi-Fi at night, or turn off their cordless phone base station. Don’t have a tablet or modem anywhere near you at night. These will all disrupt sleep.

Sleep is really fundamental to your health and mental health, and of course child development.

An important one for children: We tell parents to turn off the baby monitor at night. At minimum, move it across the room."

The article can be read in it's entirety here.


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