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How Your Kids (and You) Can Live Your Lives with Less EMF

Recently, a group of Swiss scientists released the results of a study in which they analyzed how RF EMF (radio frequency electromagnetic field) radiation affects teens. The results were not encouraging. The study revealed that radiation from smartphones is negatively impacting teenagers’ memories, leaving them with short term memory loss.


Just three years ago, almost 75% of teens had access to a smart phone, and 24% reported being online “almost constantly.” Now, in 2018, 95% of teens have access to a smart phone and 45% report that they are online “almost constantly.”


These numbers are not likely to decrease any time soon. Technology is here to stay—particularly among the younger generations who have never lived without it. How can we teach our kids to live so that the EMF that surrounds them doesn’t negatively impact them?


And for that matter, considering that 77% of adults now own a smart phone, how can we be smarter about our use of tech?


What Blocks Radiation from Smart Phones?


If you are a smart phone user, then you are exposed to RF EMF and should take steps to shield yourself. In a previous blog we discussed several good options for EMF shielding for your phone. In quick summary, they are:

Those companies all make smart phone covers made of RF shielding material that drastically reduces the amount of radiation pouring off your smart phone and into your body.


But one of the best EMF protection methods around is simply DISTANCE. EMF drops off quickly with distance, so using your phone on speaker phone is a simple and easy way to drastically reduce your exposure. It is also, however, also a good way to broadcast your entire conversation to anyone within earshot, so in many situations this is less than optimal.


A headset can be a good option. If you shop carefully, you can have the best EMF protection available, allowing your teen to continue to use their phone worry-free (that’s your worry, not theirs…).


Best EMF Protection for Phone Calls


The best option is an air tube headset setup. The sound and RF signal will come and go from the cell phone body, but the sound is then transmitted to your ears by hollow tubes rather than the electronic signal most ear buds use. You can have all your same phone conversations with proper EMF shielding in place, and without losing sound quality at all!


If you are concerned about your kid (or yourself) still absorbing the radiation from the phone in your pocket or hand, then take steps to create some DIY EMF shielding. This can take the form of a lining of RF shielding material stitched into your kid’s favorite hoodie or a cellphone pocket to make their clothing a safe shield.


There are ways to be safe, even though the industry standards for safe technology leave much to be desired. There are like-minded people out there with ideas and helpful hints on how to set up EMF shielding for yourself, so keep reading, and keep watching the latest research.

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