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EMF Shielding Materials That Will Keep Your Family Safe


Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is something that many people in today’s electronically connected society are becoming more aware of. The very same gadgets and tools that are designed to make our lives easier and more streamlined produce EMF (electric, magnetic and frequency) that may affect our bodies negatively. From disrupted sleep and ringing ears to being listed as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization, radio frequency (RF) EMF presents risks that many are growing wary of. 


How can you protect your family from this invisible threat? RF radiation is generated by our household appliances, our wi-fi, our cordless phones and smart phones, our smart meters, and more. It seems impossible to stay safe from such ubiquitous sources. 


A Few Simple Precautions


Knowledge about the risks of EMF radiation is still being gathered as years of exposure creates recognizable health issues our understanding of radio frequency microwaves and how they interact with our body grows.


Stay tuned to sites like this one for updates on new research. But in the meantime, there are a three simple yet effective measures you can take to increase your safety and protect your health.


  • Eliminate the source of the radiation;

  • Increase your distance from the radiation; and

  • Shield against the radiation.


We talk in our blogs about how to remove many of the most common sources of RF EMF radiation. And for the few remaining sources of RF EMF around you, we tell you how to position them in your home so that they are as far from you as possible.


While that is all helpful information, you still can’t control other people’s use of EMF radiation producing devices around you. That’s where EMF shielding can be very useful.


Consider Shielding Paint


Did you know that EMF shielding paint exists that will turn your house into a radiation-free oasis? Geovital’s T98 EMF shielding paint absorbs some of the signal that hits it and simply reflects the rest back away from you.


Be sure to get your home assessed by a radiation protection professional to figure out which surfaces of your home you should paint before starting the project. This paint bounces away nearly 100% of RF EMF, so the last thing you want is to accidentally trap some of those microwaves in your home where they’ll bounce from wall to wall around you.


Get Some Fabric


Once you’ve had your home assessed, you can also look into EMF shielding fabric that you can use to make curtains for your home or a canopy for your bed. This RF shielding material is very effective, attractive to look at, and even washable.


Get a Meter


You might own all the EMF shielding materials in the world, but you need to be able to measure their effectiveness for yourself. Our smart meter covers, for example, block about 98% of the RF radiation that is generated by your smart meter – but we’d rather you know that for yourself rather than just taking our word for it. Also, while addressing smart meter dangers is certainly a good idea, unfortunately there are many other sources of RF radiation that may be polluting your home such as cell towers, WiFi, etc. We advise purchasing an EMF/RF detector of your own so you can measure your home environment and judge for yourself what countermeasures are working. 


All in all, there’s a lot you can do. The world is full of RF EMF radiation. Stay on top of the latest research and technological developments so you know both what to watch out for (5G is coming!) and how to protect yourself from rf radiation.


Dirty Electricity

If you are interested in learning how to counteract the Dirty Electricity that can be caused by smart meters (and other sources) check out our blog post on the Power Perfect Box.  

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