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EMF Health Summit

After you've purchased some EMF protection materials such as our smart meter blocker, head on over to register for the FREE EMF Health Summit to learn more about EMF. 

More on the summit.....

Cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices are a modern marvel, but what if the radiation is causing a multitude of unexplained health problems?

Did you know regular cell phone use by adults can increase the risk of gliomas (brain tumors) by 40%? Worse still, the effects on our children and grandchildren are even more pronounced…

Cell Phone Radiation – Absorption Into The Brain According To Age

Cell Phone Radiation Chart

Image courtesy of Dr. Om Gandhi, University of Utah, 1996, IEEE Publication

Yes, as the above study extract shows, cell phones emit radiation which thousands of independent studies link to a long list of adverse biological effects, including: DNA single and double strand breaks, disruption of cell metabolism, increased blood brain barrier permeability, disruption to brain glucose metabolism, generation of stress proteins and more…

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Unfortunately the problem isn’t just cell phones or computers. Cordless phones, WiFi, smart meters, microwave ovens, video games consoles and even the electrical wiring in your home all emit potentially deadly electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

What’s relatively unknown is that thousands of independent studies also link these EMF exposures to a long list of serious diseases including cancer.

  • Using your cell phone just 30 minutes a day can increase brain tumor risks by 40% (Source: Interphone Study)

  • 24 Hours of EMF exposure can induce more DNA damage than 1,600 chest X-Rays (Source: The Reflex Report)

  • Strong evidence of cancer for people that use mobile phones next to their head – say’s Harvard trained medical doctor David Carpenter

  • Spanish, French, and German Governments have issued recommendations to ban WiFi from schools

  • Multiple studies link EMFs with chronic inflammation suffered by 60% of Americans (Source: Trevor Marshall PhD, BE, ME)

Meet Our Host

Lloyd Burrell is probably the best person to discuss this critical issue that affects ALL of us – EMFs are arguably the greatest polluting element in our environment. We all know cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers and the like aren’t going anywhere. So what can be done? Back in 2002 Lloyd discovered he had become electrically hypersensitive.

He became extremely ill and couldn’t use a cell phone, an ordinary phone, a computer, or even public transport. Lloyd found a way to heal himself and he now lives normally. Electromagnetic fields are an ongoing daily threat. It’s the #1 silent killer of our time and the most ignored.

The EMF Health Summit is online and  FREE from December 9 - 15, 2018.

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