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Are Smart Meters Safe?

A question we hear a lot is: are smart meters safe? Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is a growing concern for many people today. Science and knowledge continue to expand in leaps and bounds, often producing items that are convenient to our lives before we fully understand the possible negative side-effects of those items.


With the increase of cordless devices in our homes has come a drastic increase in EMF radiation. The science behind this is simple: without cords to attach our devices to their source, the information they are designed to convey is instead transmitted through the air via radio frequencies.


Handy, yes. But it leaves us walking around the house is an invisible cross-mesh of different radio signals that expose our bodies and minds to varying levels of EMF radiation.


The Latest and Greatest


One of the most recent gadgets supposedly designed to make power delivery more efficient is the “smart meter”. Remember when the meter man used to come around and take monthly readings at your house to determine how much electricity you’d used? He would record the numbers in his book, then go back to the office and generate a bill.


Nowadays, many electric companies have replaced the meter man with a smart meter that sends your electricity usage data to them via radio waves. This is great for the power company as they are able to both save money (eliminate meter man’s salary), but also collect real-time data on your power usage. However, the radio waves from the smart meter can be orders of magnitude more powerful than those emanating from a cell phone and often transmit (pulse) over 10,000 times a day 24/7.   



Smart Meter Dangers


So, what are the smart meter health risks? Have they really been proven to exist?


These are good, thought-provoking questions. For a number of years the World Health Organization maintained that cell phones (and other sources of EMF) were inconsequential to health. But a few years ago, as more and more “smart” devices came on the market and scientific evidence began to mount, they classified RF as a class 2B carcinogen—the same as lead and DDT. Many, many other doctors, scientists and researchers are also warning about EMF and smart meter dangers.



Smart Solutions for Smart People


It’s time to get smart about the technology that’s in our home. Read up on the risks, separate fact from fiction, and take common sense precautions to limit the potential biological effects of RF in our home and work spaces.


If your utility company has installed a smart meter on your home, try not to stress. Many states / power companies allow you to opt-out. If not, the smart meter cover reduces 98% of the RF coming off the smart meter.


There are solutions out there that are simple, effective and affordable. Our smart meter covers install easily, work immediately, and can be taken with you when you move. What’s more, they protect you from unwanted RF radiation while still allowing the utility company to receive its signal.


But a smart meter cover is just one small part of an overall strategy of designing our home and work environments to support optimal health and wellness. More to come on that in future blog posts.

Lastly, if you are interested in learning how to counteract the Dirty Electricity that can be caused by smart meters (and other sources) check out our blog post on the Power Perfect Box.  

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